Marketing Form

To submit a marketing request, please determine the type of service you need, provide the necessary information, and submit your request. If you are unsure which request type meets your needs, please read through the descriptions below.

Also note the Additional Resources section on the right side of this page can be utilized to access services that do not require the completion of this form.


While we will make every attempt to meet the requested deadline, many projects are in-process at any given time and your flexibility is appreciated as we create production schedules to meet available resources for planning and implementation.

Please select the type of request

Event Marketing Support

Complete this form if you would like assistance to promote an event. Completing this form will prompt a meeting with a representative from Accounts to discuss the event. Specific deliverables (posters, invitations) and initiatives (news releases, registration processes) will be determined as appropriate for your event based on a variety of factors. If you would like a photographer to attend the event, you must also complete the request for photography services located on the right hand side.

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Website Revisions

Use this form to request updates to existing web content or creation of new content, as well as request an html email. Please note for the emails, you should be prepared to provide the mail data. If you can provide an excel spreadsheet with the mail data at the time of request, please do so.

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Print Collateral

Print collateral is comprised of brochures, flyers, posters, booklets, post cards, etc. Use this form to request new materials, as well as updates to existing materials.

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Promo Items

Complete this form to obtain assistance on ordering imprinted promotional items. Promotional items may include pens, notebooks, t-shirts, etc.

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Complete this form to submit a proposal for a sponsorship opportunity. Please provide as much supporting material as possible with your initial request.

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Press Release

Complete this form to have your news item considered for a press release. Note that releases are sent routinely for University achievements and initiatives – including new majors and new locations, as well as key new hires and graduation releases.

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Communication Plan

Complete this form to request a communication plan for your initiative.

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Social Media

Complete this form to suggest content for posting on University-maintained social media channels.

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Complete this form to order stationery. Options include location-specific and college versions of letterhead and envelopes.

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General CRM Request

Use this form to report a potential break / fix issue, to request additional training, or to request changes to Talisma objects and workspaces. As well, general Talisma related project request should be submitted here. Please attach screenshots, emails, and any other documentation pertinent to your request.

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CRM Communications

Complete this form to request updates to existing email campaigns in Talisma or to request the creation of new campaigns, as well as request analytics relating to lead communication. Please note, you should be prepared to provide a detailed audience description, as well as any specific content you would like included.

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Jumbo Display Sign

Complete this form to request updates to the digital jumbo sign at the corner of Mound St. & Grant Ave. Please note, you should be prepared to provide a detailed description of your message, as well as graphical preferences, if applicable.

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Other / General

Many templates and general items like University logos and University images are available “self-serve” on the marketing's Clearspace page. Complete this form for specialized requests that don’t fall into any of the predetermined categories or for needs that aren't addressed on Clearspace.

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